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30 August 1984
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On a trek to discover myself

I'm Laura.

22. CA Native.

In a relationship. Bounces between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Quiet, friendly, open minded and open hearted, honest, a good listener. Community Assistant for Kresge College.

Literature undergrad at UC Santa Cruz - and particularly devoted to F. Scott Fitzgerald, considering graduate school to become a teacher.

Can't live without: fuzzy animals, love, reading, writing, the ocean, school, California, green tea frappuchinos, music, pictures, handbags, dave, friends, good music, my car, my babies, the internet, books, photographs, jeans, flipflops, random acts of kindness, driving down the highway with the windows rolled down singing to my iPod list. Oh, and I'm kinda a designer whore. Oops.

For the past 22 years the pieces of the puzzle have been slowly forming, and finally, they're beginning to form a picture. My picture is what I make it. I've carefully constructed it to be me - the inside, the outside, the mind, soul, spirit. I'm still discovering who me, laura, really is, and more than that what she'll become. Welcome to that journey, to see it develop even farther - pull up a chair, a cup of coffee, and see what develops.

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