Laura (laura_boo) wrote,

you know for once i seemingly have a lot to say. just came off a great weekend with dave. spend fri night doing errands/relaxing/alone time with myself.  spent yesterday afternoon with mom, then over to dave's. had a fabulous dinner with dave and his dad and i opened up to him for the first real time. dave and i watched a movie, then this morning we grabbed a bagel, watched football, and mom and dad cooked us a big steak dinner.

i'm trying to work up the nerve to write a letter to my "best friend". ever since her wedding, i haven't heard from her. i've sent her text messages, left her voicemails, and her HUSBAND has called me. but i haven't heard anything. they've been back since.. i think sept 29? something like that. anyway, i'm so hurt. i just don't know what i've done that has warranted her to totally ignore me. before, i understood - being busy with the wedding and the likes. but now? i don't know.

can't wait for next weekend. i need this 3 days like no other.

hm, guess it wasn't a lot to say after all. ciao.
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