Laura (laura_boo) wrote,

major clearout sale

Coco, spiced chocolate bnib, petticoat & more behind the cut...

here we go...

nitty gritty: paypal only please. 2.00 for each item, .50 for additional items in packaging. i can ship M-F. i will be out of the country march 4-13th so please pay now so i can ship to get to you in time.

lets get the big one out of the way. Coco pigment in OJ. no box. taking offers. i'd say 75-80% left.

spiced chocolate quad, bnib with plastic insert. 45.00

petticoat bnib - 28.00, improvise - bnib - 22.00

sunbasque, BN with no box: 18.00

bnib eyeshadows: evening aura (no box), magnetic fields, expensive pink, time & space: 15.00 each

bnib eyeshadows: talent pool x2 : 9.00, soft flower bnib (emanuel ungaro version) : 12.00, springtime skipper bnib: 25.00

swatched aquadisiac depotted: 7.00 (if you want the quad, add in an extra 2.00)

mutiny bnib & golders green (no box but unused): 20.00 ea

entremauve usage shown, no box: 20.00

greenstroke: 8.00 shipped. unused by me but got from a trade.

bnib heatherette trio 1: 25.00

pucker tendertone: never used, 7.00 (please note how it has shifted when being stored.

gently tested royal assets 3 coral lips: 10.00

overcast shadestick: 8.00

i also have one hello kitty mailer and one passions of red mailer: 2.00 ea.

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