Laura (laura_boo) wrote,

I can't believe that a week has already gone by since Dave and I got back from Europe. Already Europe feels so long ago. I miss the pastry shops, the tourists, the different cities and not having a daily plan but just going. For a week I've sent out countless resumes and cover letters, faxes, phone calls, and have gone to 5 interviews. I've been offered one job, but its not something that I would like to do so I think I may pass. Tomorrow I find out if I will be offered another, and will hopefully hear back from someone else wanting to set up another interview. I never thought that finding a job would be this hard. I have a degree, I just wish someone would be willing to take a chance on me and let me show them what I know and the potential that I have. Just once, I wish someone would choose me.

Birthday number 23 is coming up. Eh, no big deal. I asked for a pedicure and I can't wait to get that. Still have to figure out where to eat that day, I'm at a loss. Plus this weekend is Amy's bridal shower. God, I can't believe they are getting married... in a month. Holy crap. We are growing up.

I am kinda lonely. I miss having Dave around me, waking up with him in the morning, our breakfast routines and then after a long day getting to curl up with him. I miss my companion, I miss my best friend.

Tomorrow is another day... I hope it brings happy news.
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