Laura (laura_boo) wrote,

hello. it's currently 9:40am on Monday morning and I am at an internet cafe in London. So far the trip has been fabulous - we've spent some time with Dave's family and also a lot of time exploring London, and then sleeping. the jet lag really hit us hard and we've just gotten into a somewhat normal sleep pattern (despite the fact that i passed out at 8 last night). later this afternoon we are taking the chunnel to Paris (!!!) and i'm very excited since i haven't been to France before. just a sidenote - the keyboards over here are very different and weird, the keys are all mixed up and there is no shift key on the left side of the keyboard at home so i keep freakin out over that.

anyway, i've been able to check my email every few days at various internet cafes, so if anyone would like to email us you can send it to (that will be the new email addy since i don't know when the cruzmail one will die).

alrighty, gotta go check out of the hotel soon and try not to spend any more money here because the money exchange rate sucks ass. <3
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